in English, Room 2 at 12:15

The joy of Ruby Debugging - Pry Universe

Enrico Carlesso
(Italy) Coders51, Twitter Linkedin

Let's be honest, in typical programming world debugging is a pain in the ass. `printf` everywhere, rerun the code every time... Such a waste of time.

But Ruby... Ruby is different, is such a great language for introspection and live code analysis. Here's where Pry shines. During this talk we will meet Pry alongside some other tool in his universe, like `pry-rescue`, `pry-stack_explorer` and we will see how debugging a simple Ruby script or a large RubyOnRails application is easy, and fun!

Speaker Bio
I'm a full-stack freelance developer, mainly in Ruby and RubyOnRails. I'm passionate about my job and all new technologies.
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