in English, Room 1 at 10:30

Sonic PI: Live Music, Live Coding

Ju Liu
(UK) AlphaSights, Twitter Linkedin

Sonic PI is a free live coding synth where you can write code to compose and perform music. In this talk, I will go through the main features of the application and show how easy it is to start composing your own pieces writing plain old Ruby. Then, we will move on to the more advanced synth features, using multiple threads and sample manipulation to start producing more complex tracks. After all that, we get the party started with some live coding!

Speaker Bio
Ju was born in a metropolis in China, then he moved as a kid to the sunny italian countryside. He started messing up with computers late in his life, but hasn't stopped yet. He got a Computer Science degree, then joined weLaika, a Ruby on Rails consulting company based in Turin. After some time, he decided to go on a new adventure and moved to London, where he joined AlphaSights as a Ruby engineer. He loves Ruby, likes Javascript and is curious about functional programming. He's a Git user, Vim addict and TDD believer, and most of all he is rarely serious about anything.
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