in English, Room 1 at 14:30

How teaching kids to code made me a better developer

Ramon Huidobro
(Austria) Twitter

Kids have this magical ability to take something you think you understand well and turn it upside down within an instant. They challenge norms and ask questions that you never thought existed or could be asked.

In this talk, I’ll go over some of the challenges I faced introducing kids to the world of programming, and how their inquisitiveness changed the way I look at software development, how I learn to get better at it and what I want to do with it in the coming years. It has also made me a more confident and active community member, which I will outline.

Speaker Bio

Ramón is a Chilean fellow living in Vienna, Austria. He's been developing Mac, iOS and Web software for five years and loving every minute of it.

During the last three years he's been running the “Computer Game Programming” after-school activity at his old school in Vienna where he teaches kids to make games with different technologies. He's also currently wrapping up his Software Engineering degree at the Vienna University of Technology, and at the same time helping run the 'Ruby Habits' study group.

He loves puppies and turtles, and is a loud laugher.

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