Keynote, in English, Room 1 at 9:45

Beyond the language. An introduction to algorithms

Simone Carletti
(Italy) Dnsimple, Twitter

Mastering a programming language is not enough to write efficient code. Programmers often try to squeeze a programming language as much as they can in order to achieve the best performance, without realizing that the solution could be found in a more efficient algorithm or data structure. The talk is meant to inspire you to learn more about algorithm design by demonstrating how a properly designed algorithm may drastically increase the efficiency of your code, regardless of the Ruby version you are using.

Speaker Bio

Simone, or weppos is an Italian software developer, a PADI scuba instructor and a former professional sommelier.

He works at DNSimple and is the creator of RoboWhois domain services and RoboDomain.

He is very passionate about code quality and best practices and has been involved with FOSS (free/open source software) for more than a decade, contributing code and creating libraries.

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